Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ilyena Svetlana

What else could I be called in the winter?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Glorious Warmth of Spring... Stop with the teasing!

I must admit I'm struggling a bit with this blog. While it is dedicated to the faery side of me, I must deem it a blog open to all of me and not just concentrated on that. There is so much more to me than just the fantastical. I simply want to have the freedom to demonstrate my personality in its entirety.


That being said, I'll update you with the newest plans for our upcoming Faery Outing. I have Faery Representation from three out of the four Seasons. Spring is the one yet unrepresented-- hence, I, along with my dear Faery Friends (new candidates for Faery Goddess positions) will shortly (meaning sometime this month) display our True Natures in Nature (HA. I'm so sly. That was a good one.), becoming the Embodiment of Spring as best we can interpret Spring Herself and our Own Selves.

Now, ideally, we would have taken them a couple weeks ago, when Spring hit her brilliant peak at 78 glorious degrees Farenheit. Unfortunately for us, Spring seems to be having to fight Winter to retain her place this Year. The days have since turned Bitter with Cold instead of the Sweet Warmth we've all been eagerly anticipating to embrace the World. Initially this simply meant we would endure the Cold for the sake of the pictures. However, since the unfortunate Frost this past weekend, all the Flowers have now frozen and we lack the background of renewed Life that would be so appropo. No, the renewed Life has been cruelly destroyed by Harsh Winter.And so we await Winter's inevitable Defeat. But when, I implore you, will this most Desired Event occur? We've got a wonderful Photographer who has kindly agreed to take our Photos. We have the Essence of our Costumes assembled. We have yet to truly Embrace and Discover our individual Faery Characters. Perhaps Spring is waiting on us?

I'll get right to work.